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  Individuals, couples, and families often come to therapy due to an internal
tug-of-war, often leading to repeating patterns. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process where we work together to identify how these patterns become obstacles to living
a full meaningful life and having secure relationships. I am here to facilitate finding and utilizing your own skills and help you learn to rely on your own strength

I am trained as a family systems therapist. When working with a client and families, I consider how the interactions between people may have contributed to a problem’s origin, as well as the relationships that can assist in resolving a problem. I use techniques from a variety of other schools of thought, including behaviorism, client-centered therapy, and play therapy. I specialize in working with Grief and Loss as well as working with Families and Children.             
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and a wide range of other issues

I work with grief and loss because during one of the most difficult times in life children and families need support. Working through grief does not mean following a series of steps - instead it is a process that occurs at each person’s pace, and it encompasses many complicated feelings at the same time. At times the feelings may be sorrow and other times there may be joy. I work with my clients to help them come to a greater understanding of their loss and to develop the ability to honor the person they lost and their memory.

Parenting is a tough job. Children these days are influenced by too many things that seem like they are out of our control. I work with parents to help define their parenting goals and develop skills and rules to aid in teaching their children responsible behavior while building a strong parent-child relationship.

Children handle emotions and distress differently then adults, often working through these things in play. Play therapy is a tool I use to connect with children on their level and help them process their feelings