Counseling Corner Columns

What Is The Counseling Corner?

The "Counseling Corner" columns are written for use in local newspapers across the country. Each column touches on an issue with which most readers can identify, and that helps illustrate the subjects that counseling professionals address. The columns are not meant to give direct counseling advice, but rather to help readers understand the problem areas that they face, to give them some direction in addressing issues, but also to encourage them to seek professional help when needed.

How Can You Help?

These "Counseling Corner" columns provide an opportunity for you to help promote the counseling profession in your local area.

If you think a publication in your area would be interested in carrying these weekly columns, we invite you to sign them up. The columns are provided free each month by email and participating publications have no restrictions on the use of the columns, nor any obligation in regard to receiving or using them. All publications, regardless of scope or size, are important: your local daily or weekly newspaper, a local online news site, or a campus newspaper or magazine.

How Do You Do It?

Simply print out the columns from the list below (or forward the files via email) and contact the editor or feature editor for the publication in your area that you think would appreciate this material. As mentioned, the columns are free and to begin receiving new columns each month the editor only needs to send us:
  • Name of the publication
  • City and state of where it's located
  • Approximate circulation
  • Publication frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Name of the person to whom distribution emails should be addressed
  • Email address to which distribution emails should be sent
Please ask the editor to send all information to

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