Mental Health, Professional Counseling and Emergency Preparedness

We understand this global pandemic means significant changes to how you are fulfilling your professional responsibilities.

During times like this, counselors play a crucial role in sharing accurate public information, and in helping clients maintain perspective while providing methods of coping and continuing their wellness strategies.

Telebehavioral health Information and Counselors in Health Care 

We understand the changing reality of your practice. This information will help you navigate. 

Working with Your Clients

Professional counselors may observe an increase in mental health challenges in light of difficult public health conditions. This information may be relevant to your practice.

Take Care of Your Emotional Health (for your clients and the public)

This public health crisis will bring many emotional and mental health challenges. This information can help you manage your emotional health.

School Counseling During a Pandemic

With widespread school closures across the nation, school counselors and their students have been greatly affected. The following resources may be helpful as you continue to support your students and maintain your own mental health and self-care:

Many people are navigating layoffs, furloughs, and reduction in the workforce as businesses close their doors or cut services because of the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.  This information may assist as you plan ahead and further your career during uncertain times.

Additional Resources for Counselors and Clients

Access a wide range of other external resources to assist individuals during this unprecedented time and promote wellness.

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