Self-Care Resources for Counselors

The American Counseling Association recognizes that the work counselors do, while very important and rewarding, can also be stressful. Self-care is an essential tool that can help in dealing with stress. The following ACA resources focus on self-care for counselors.

Featured Product

Counselor Self-Care  2nd Edition Counselor Self-Care 2nd Edition
Gerald Corey, Michelle Muratori, Jude T. Austin II and Julius A. Austin

This inspirational book for students, clinicians, educators and supervisors offers practical perspectives on the lifelong quest for personal wellness. Through conversational, diverse and deeply personal narratives, the authors reveal their self-care journeys at various stages of their careers, and 39 guest contributors—ranging from graduate students to counseling veterans—share how they overcome setbacks and prioritize self-care to maintain competent, ethical practice.

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