The American Counseling Association (ACA) is aware of the confusion our members have encountered regarding new emergency guidance to states on telebehavioral health policy. The information provided here will assist the counseling community in communicating with state leaders charged with navigating policy and procedure during a time of crisis or emergency.

State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies from the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP): This chart provides a quick summary of each state’s telehealth policy on Medicaid reimbursement, private payer reimbursement laws and professional requirements around interstate compacts updated in the fall of 2021.

Our COVID-19 State Resources is a compilation of state actions taken regarding telebehavioral health. This information will be updated periodically and includes telebehavioral health regulations, insurance commission data, Medicaid guidance, and other necessary updates.

For further resources, please see our Template Letter to State Governors requesting telebehavioral health language in Executive Orders during COVID-19. This letter is a resource for states interested in outreach on telebehavioral health during COVID-19.


Improving licensure portability is a top priority for ACA leadership and the government affairs team. ACA has developed its own portability plan and is working to arrive at the best approach for implementing portability in states across the country. Find more on these efforts here.


Licensure boards play a vital role in ensuring patient safety and validating counselor education and experience. ACA leads the way in ensuring licensure standards meet current best practices whenever possible in each state. Find more on your state requirements here.


Conversion therapy is the discredited practice of using "therapy" to attempt to change someone's sexual orientation. ACA opposes conversion therapy because it does not work, causes harm, and violates our Code of Ethics. Find more information here.


Following the rise of hate crimes targeting the AAPI community in the aftermath of COVID-19, ACA is encouraging state branches and associations to support our clients and members within the APPI community through intentional and inclusive practice and policy engagement. The following resource is a template for members interested in engaging their Governor on state policy and legislation impacting the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community.


A Governor’s Proclamation is a ceremonial document and declaration on behalf of the entire state. These documents influence policy discussions, public awareness, and offer exciting opportunities to further engage the public and elected Representatives on issues of significance. Find a state by state guide here.

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