Mental Health Resources


ACA members—and all professional counselors—are prepared to assist anyone in need of mental health support. To help all professional counselors in their important work, the American Counseling Association offers an array of free resources.

The "No Surprises Act" FAQ for Professional Counselors in Private Practice
The “No Surprises Act”, hereafter referred to as “the Act,” became effective on January 1, 2022, aims to increase price transparency, and reduce the likelihood that clients receive a “surprise” medical bill.  ACA has created an FAQ to serve as a resource for professional counselors working in a solo private practice setting.

Anxiety disorders can interfere with daily activities and licensed professional counselors can help.

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States and licensed professional counselors can help.

Forced Family Separation at the U.S. Borders
The forced separation of families at U.S. borders is has created a crushing emotional crisis for thousands of families and family members.

Grief and Loss
Grief is a natural reaction to loss or change. ACA offers these resources for counselors and the public to aid in the processing of grief and loss.

Gun Violence
Counselors know that each individual reacts to trauma in their own unique way. Some may need support immediately after an event; some may need the support at a future point in time.

ACA is proud to offer these resources for counselor serving members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The work counselors do, while very important and rewarding, can also be stressful. Self-care is an essential tool that can help in dealing with stress.

Suicide Prevention
If you—or a family member or friend—are having thoughts about suicide, resources are available to help.

Substance-Use Disorders and Addiction
Find resources for counselors helping clients working to recover from substance-use disorders and addiction.

Trauma and Disaster
Both natural and human-generated disasters, which are associated with destruction as well as loss of loved ones and irreplaceable belongings, often overwhelm one's normal coping capacity.

Other Mental Health Resources
Counselors in many specialty areas help clients achieve their fullest potential in many ways throughout a lifetime. The American Counseling Association is here to help you reach your full potential as a counselor with resources to help with a variety of clients.

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